Unwritten History

refuting disinformation about the Balkan Wars

Media Lies and the Conquest of Kosovo

Michel Collon

Why can we expect to see more wars? What countries have been singled out to be the next targets? Are Russia and China being threatened? Is the world running the risk of a major conflict? Michel Collon correctly predicted the war against Yugoslavia in his previous book, Liar's Poker (1998). His latest book, Media Lies and the Conquest of Kosovo, examines the Kosovo War as a for-profit venture instead of a humanitarian war.

Media Lies and the Conquest of Kosovo is an anti-Globalist handbook, an anti-manipulation manual. Each war begins with media lies. Public opinion must support the troops. Isn't that so? Are we condemned to always learn the truth too late? No, says Collon, who exposes the principles and devices employed in the Kosovo propaganda war. Massacres, mass graves, ethnic cleansing: how can one disentangle truth from falsehood in these shocking images? And what is being concealed from us by the terms blunders and collateral damage? In Yugoslavia, did NATO really bomb the Chinese Embassy, two refugee columns, an international train, the market and the hospital in Nis, and numerous other civilian targets by accident? These questions must be answered in order to understand the true objectives of the Great Powers. And in order to avoid being deceived by the media into supporting the next illegal war of aggression. For the past twelve years, Michel Collon has been studying the Global War that the U.S. has been conducting in order to dominate and recolonize the planet. His books and films have unmasked the clandestine rivalry between the US and the EU, specifically, their battle to control black gold, a strategic raw material that must not fall into the hands of rivals: Whosoever wishes to rule the world must control the oil. All the oil. No matter where it is.